What does the word ‘Fathom’ mean?

A fathom (1.8m) is a measurement we use to speak about the depth of water. It can also be used as a phrasal verb. If you fathom something out, it means that you are able to understand a challenging conundrum after much effort or exertion. This term encapsulates our approach to language teaching. We give you the pieces you need to fathom out a difficult puzzle: how to communicate effectively in a language which is not your first tongue.

Why does the Fathom logo incorporate a compass?

The compass logo serves as a visual metaphor for our role in your journey to language success. A good compass is reliable and always points you in the direction you need to go. However, a compass on its own is useless. The user—or in this case you, the student—need to know firstly to which destination you intend to travel, and secondly how that destination should look when you arrive. We assist you to establish these goals from the very first time we meet, and work tirelessly and consistently to keep you moving in that direction.

Where do the lessons take place?

Most of our students have language lessons on their company’s premises. We normally use conference rooms for group lessons, or private offices and staff canteens as teaching space for individual students. We are open to any kind of suggestion, and are willing to work in any space where you feel most comfortable. We have conducted lessons in cafes, hotel bars, private homes, and even on the roads of Warsaw with our students.

Can Fathom deliver exam courses?

Yes – our teachers have proven track records in teaching Cambridge exam courses (FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS;) to adults, and are able to guide you through the entire process. We have also worked with TOEFL students in the past. An average student would normally require two meetings with a teacher per week for two semesters to achieve a top grade in a Cambridge exam.

What will be in my course syllabus?

Our business model is centred around delivering custom language solutions. Every student has his/her own needs, and we design our courses accordingly. During your first meeting with your new teacher, he/she will assess your needs in detail, and you will develop a plan of action together. Our courses typically cover core communication skills – speaking, writing, reading and listening, along with the vocabulary you need, and developing ‘soft skills’, such as persuasion, public speaking and cultural awareness.


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