Three friends: Michał, Kevin and Andrei had spent the best part of a decade working for well-known language schools in Warsaw. We would  punctuate our busy schedules with meetings in the teahouses of central Warsaw, discussing the news of the day and taking a step back from the rigours of our jobs. More often than not the conversation would move towards our favourite subject: learning and teaching foreign languages.

We often found ourselves frustrated by our positions. The objectives of our students did not always align with the those of our employers. We concluded that we, the teachers, knew our students and their needs much more intimately than the schools we represented did. We had a wealth of industry knowledge that was not at that moment being used to its full potential.

This was where the concept of Fathom was born. If we could establish a language school where the teachers (us) could manage our projects directly, and with minimal involvement from the administrators, course coordinators and other support staff—which often made it difficult for us to provide the top-quality language courses our students needed—we could deliver better results than we could working for other language schools.

This flash of inspiration acted as the catalyst for a whole year of preparation and planning, balancing our job responsibilities with the drive needed to establish and implement our vision. We strategised and laid a blueprint, constantly researching and refining our conception, until we were satisfied with what we could offer to the industry.

Now we are at the stage where we are able to offer you, our students, what we believe is one of the best language solutions on the market. We are slowly, but steadily building an infrastructure of blossoming relationships with organisations large, medium and small, both in Warsaw and beyond. We believe that our experience positions us ideally to guide you and your team to language success.


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