1. General provisions
  2. Data collection
  3. Data processing
  4. Your right to modify, control, access, and correct your personal data
  5. Cookie policy
  6. Final provisions



1.1 The entity with administrative powers over the data collected on you via the fathom.pl website is Fathom s.j. McRobb, Shpakau, Jejer, registered at Kościelna 15/14, 00-218, Warszawa, KRS: 0000416128 , NIP: 5284810332 , REGON: 143558325, email: privacy@fathom.pl, further known as the „Administrator”, which is the service provider for fathom.pl

1.2 The personal data of the custom is processed according to Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych, dated 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. Nr 133, 883, with later changes.) and Ustawa o Świadczeniu Usług Drogą Elektroniczną, dated 18 July 2002 r. (Dz. U. Nr 144, poz. 1204, with later changes).

1.3 The Administrator is especially careful to protect the interests of the people on whom it possesses data, and ensures that said data is:

1.3.1 Processed in a manner compliant with the law,

1.3.2 Collected for the stated, legal reasons and not processed for any reasons other than those stated,

1.3.3 Substantively accurate and adequate for the stated purpose and stored in a way that permits the identification of the persons concerned for no longer than necessary to achieve the goal of the processing.


2.1 The personal data of the Customer is collected by the Administrator for the purposes of:

2.1.1 Analytics and recordkeeping with regards to the activity of the Customer on the fathom.pl website,

2.1.2 marketing (Newsletter)

2.2 The Administrator processes the following Customer data:

2.2.1 First & Last name,

2.2.2 E-mail address,

2.3 The Administrator may process the following data, characterizing the method of use and activity of the Customer on the fathom.pl website (analytics data) :

2.3.1  Data identifying the ISP and the OS of the user.

2.3.2  Data concerning the initiation and termination of a website session.

2.3.3 Data concerning the actual usage of the Website.

2.4 Supplying the data mentioned in p.2 is necessary to the usage of the website and the associated online services.


3.1 Using the site and signing and contracts through it, which entails providing the Administrator with your data, is entirely voluntary. Any person providing their data must decide for themselves whether they intend to avail themselves of the services rendered via the fathom.pl website, in accordance with the Terms of Service.

3.2 According to article 23  of the Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych, dated 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883, with later changes), the processing of personal data is permissible if:

3.2.1 The person in question agrees to the processing of their data, unless they demand that the data be erased

3.2.2 Such processing is necessary to the completion of a contract and if the person in question is a party to the contract, or if such processing is necessary for the signing of said contract and the person has expressed their authorization

3.3  Any personal data is processed by the administrator in accordance with the rules of permissibility, as outlined in p. 2.


4.1 The Customer has the right to access and correct their personal data.

4.2 Any person who wishes to do so may control the processing of their personal data stored by the Administrator, and has the further right to demand that said data be corrected, updated,  and completed. Said person further has the right to request that the processing of their data be temporarily or permanently halted, or that their data be removed if said data is incomplete, out of date, untrue, was collected unlawfully, or are no longer necessary for the achievement of the goal they were collected for.

4.3 In order to excercise the rights mentioned in p. 1 and p.2, the Customer may send a request to privacy@fathom.pl


5.1 The service provider’s website uses cookie files. Not changing your web browser’s cookie settings is equivalent to the acceptance of the cookie policy.

5.2 The use and installation of cookie files is necessary to the proper functioning of the website.

5.3 The fathom.pl website uses the following types of cookie files:

5.3.1 . Analytics

Analytics cookies permit the Administrator to gain insight into how users interact with the website. Said cookies collect data on the method of usage,the type of website that was visited, the website that redirected the Customer to the fathom.pl website, as well as the time and number of visits. No personal data is recorded through the use of analytics cookies.

5.4  The user has the right to decide the degree of access to the cookie files and the data they collect through modifying their web browser settings. More information is available in your web browser’s Help section.


6.1 The Administrator uses all means available to him to protect any personal data stored in proportion to the type of data stored. The Administrator specifically protects the data from being made available to unauthorized parties, their unlawful processing, as well as their loss, unlawful modification, and destruction.

6.2 The service provider informs the Customer about the technology and measures used to protect their data on demand, via e-mail.