General English

All of our General English courses are tailored precisely to your needs and expectations by our experienced team of language teachers. We focus on developing your core communication skills in English: speaking, reading, writing and listening – introducing you to the right material at the right moment . From beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), we design our lessons around your own learning style, helping you on your way to language success.

Business English

Our Business English programme covers many of the same elements as General English, but with a special focus on the language of work. You will agree with your teacher which areas specifically to focus on. A tailor-made Business English course might typically cover business emails, phone calls, negotiations, business trips, ‘water cooler talk’, or cultural sensitivities, amongst many other topics.

English for Special Purposes

Our English for Special Purposes courses are geared towards professionals who have highly specific language needs. Special purposes could include a wide variety of subjects. Students of these courses are professionals from many walks of life, including medical doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, public speakers, academics of all disciplines, foreign diplomats, and aerospace engineers. The courses are crafted from the ground up, focusing solely on the skills you require to be successful in your day-to-day work.

Skill Workshops

We conduct a variety of stand-alone practice sessions, ranging anywhere from two to six hours, which focus on developing and practising a particular communication skill. These skills might include business writing, negotiations, presentations and public speaking, teleconferencing and many others. This type of session is designed to be fast-moving and interactive – the majority of activities within them are student-led, and as with all of our courses, crafted to your own requirements. Our skill workshops are popular with students and HR managers alike, and we endeavour to provide you and your team with a truly interesting and memorable learning experience.


We offer the opportunity to have your written work checked and expertly refined by qualified and experienced language professionals. We focus on the three cornerstones of effective writing: coherence, cohesion and concision, so that readers can judge your writing on its merit, not your English level.  We filter out imperfections in word use, grammar, consistency, tone and punctuation; to ensure that your writing reflects the quality of your content.

CV Check

The CV Check service allows you to present yourself in the best light to recruiters, giving you the peace of mind that they are focusing on your career accomplishments instead of your writing skills. Our qualified and experienced language professionals will examine each element of your résumé in detail, combing through it and correcting errors in continuity, word usage, grammar, punctuation and style. We present you with a linguistically flawless document, which will give you the best chance of landing the position you desire.