Kevin McRobb is a British native speaker who has worked as an English language teacher in Warsaw since 2011. He performs notably well in teaching writing, grammar and ‘soft skills’. He is infinitely curious about the world and spends his free time reading, travelling widely, growing vegetables at home, listening to hard rock, tending to his aquarium and taking care of his dogs. Reach Kevin directly at:


Michał Jejer is a language teacher and translator with almost a decade of experience. His dual educational background in linguistics and engineering gives him a unique perspective and understanding of a variety of disciplines. Outside of the classroom he enjoys playing musical instruments, pursuing technology-related hobbies and researching historical cuisine. Reach Mike directly at:


Andrei Shpakau is a DELTA-certified polyglot, who has taught English professionally since 2011. He takes a remarkably optimistic approach to teaching and is interested in both adults and young learners. His hobbies include travel, landscape photography, science, electric guitar and experiencing live music. Reach Andrei directly at:


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